How do you fit a person wanting to get better

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To all TT fitters,
I was fitted over a year ago at TPI Oceanside and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the time I wanted to express my intention of working hard on my swing but didn't really know how to put this into the right words. I would like to ask how a fitter would fit a person who wants to seriously work on getting better? Would you be able to fit them to less forgiving clubs if they requested it knowing that they want to improve their swing.
I would consider this to be a very tricky objective since a fair amount of speculation is required.

Ron M.

I'm getting fitted on Saturday after a 6 month swing change...I went to Kevin Sprecher at Sleepy Hollow GC in NY and he created a new swing for me after 10 lessons...After the lessons he told me to play some golf and find my swing....It's been 6 weeks now and I finally found my swing...Now I feel it's the right time to get fitted....My 910's and AP2's that I love might stay in the bag but with different shafts and grips...I would advise you to complete your swing change and then get fitted....

Thomas C

I'm with you Ron!  I just completed a major swing change myself and my scores are getting lower every week.  I sold my stock 710 AP1s and I am getting my custom fit next Friday in Augusta.  Good Luck to you Saturday and let us know how it turns out!