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john o

I am being fitted tomorrow moving from png G 15 to API any inherent  characteristics  I should be aware of between the two ?  

Lou G

One thing is that png irons have a separation of .75* between clubs vs .5* between clubs from the 5-PW.   Png Blue Dot and Titleist standard lie are the same at the 7 iron.  At the 4 iron they should be close to equal and the 5 iron would about 1/2* flat for the png and 1/2* upright for the 9 iron.

I played Eye 2s before switching to AP1.  Also had to account for the fact that an Eye 2 9 iron has the same loft as the AP1 PW. 

Lou G

The last thing I forgot to mention that most fitters will not touch a png iron to adjust loft or lie angle because of the risk of breakage.  There is also an error of ~ 2* upright on what a Mitchell lie angle machine will read on a png iron.  I've had some of the fitters tell me this thing.  I had to send my Eye 2s back to png to flatten them from Yellow Dot to Blue Dot.