wedges PLEASE HELP!!

Paul T

I have a full set of SM4 wedges, 52*, 56*, and 60*. My 60* with 10 bounce. And I love it. That club is the envy of all my friends. It gives me the best flop shots. Great feel, and great control. I have the stock shaft on it, as well. Either way, keep it Vokey! haha

I've been using the 60-10 (bent to 59) over a year now and I love it! It has been my main greenside bunker club and it hits well in any situation (even off a mound with a severe downhill lie to a pin 15 feet away). 

I'm a little less "traditional" because I carry a 54-11 (bent to 53) vs 52 and 56.  The SM4 54-11 is probably about the greatest sand wedge. 

After all the fuss I decided to keep the 64-07 in the bag.  Worls well in short pot bunkers.  Basically a full swing (30-50 yards) , full pitch (20-30 yards) or 10 yard flop shot.  Very limited use but nice to have.

I use an older 52 grind that is no longer offered - but plays like a 52.08 with a Nippon 850 reg flex shaft and a lightweight Golf Pride grip stretched out to try and get it small enough and yet add some swingweight to the club.  It's bent it 5 flat.

For my sand, I have just switched to the new 58° K and I just can't say enough about it.  Even though it has 10° of bounce, it has a lot of camber and allows me to hit flop shots, chip shots and of course, it is awesome out of the bunkers. It just inspires confidence.  I am a sweeper, feel player.  I have the NS Pro 850 in there.  Interestingly enough, when I built it up, the swingweight came out much heavier than I expected.  I play my normal irons and wedges at C8-D0.,   but my wedge came out around D3.  Heavier than I normally play it, but after I got over my "I can't play this, it is too heavy"....., I went out and tried it and it worked like a charm.  No problems on full shots and great on touch shots.  It's making me rethink my swingweights on my irons. 


Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Josh G

Nice one Mike.  I didn't know about the 1:1 1* to bounce ratio.  It's interesting that you order your wedges 1* strong just to have them bent 1* weak.  Do you notice much of a difference in your 55* bent to 56* than a stock 56*?

Hey Josh,

I go with the stock 54* bent to 55* to keep my yardage gaps in check. I've had success with the 56* bent to 55* but prefer the look of 54* to 55* and getting the extra bounce. We'll have to tee it up again this summer.... I need a putting a lesson and any guy who rolls the rock with a Napa can certainly help my game out.



We definitely need to get out again this summer.  I've still got to play Red Tail, Pine Hills and I've got a free round at Granite Links.  The Napa is still rolling strong.  Maybe this time I'll use a 3 wood with only one metal.

Thanks for the ideas! Here is what I go by:

60* Lob wedges have 0 to 10 degrees of bounce,
48*   Pitching wedges have 2 to 5 degrees of bounce
54*   Gap wedges have 5 to 12 degrees of bounce.
56*   Sand Wedge has 10 to 16 degrees bounce.

Some people go to a 54* wedge vice a 52* gap wedge and 56* sand wedge.

No hard and fast rule about 4* gaps between wedges.  If someone wanted to really go bonkers, could have 48 PW, 52 GW, 56 SW, 60LW and 64XW.   That's 5 wedges.   Doesn't leave much room for longer clubs and sometimes gets confusing when you have a shot that could use either of two wedges.  Even a 4 wedge setup means one has to remove a long club (for instance, using a 4 wood in place of the 3 and 5 woods and either a 7 wood or 3H).   A 6* gap is 15 yards approx.  and that isn't really hard to negotiate.  8* gap may be a bit much (about 25 yards). 

Also no hard and fast rule about carrying 14 clubs and sometimes less is more.  I carry 11 clubs, including a 64* wedge (13* draw driver, 910 19F set at 20.5*, 910H 27H set at 26.5, 6-30H, 8-PW separated 36-41-46, Vokey SM4 54-11 and 60-10 bent 1* strong and 64-07, and putter).   

I learned how to work a pitching wedge 4 years ago because the iron set I constructed didn't have a gap wedge. 

I carry 4 wedges including the pw, which is 45°, gap-50-08, sand-54-11 bent to 55-12, and lob-60-07 all in the SM4's. This is by far the best wedge set composition I have ever had.



SOunds like you really mean to get on the green! LOL. The best fairways and greens to you all.

Connor I.

I carry 4 wedges including the pw, which is 45°, gap-50-08, sand-54-11 bent to 55-12, and lob-60-07 all in the SM4's. This is by far the best wedge set composition I have ever had.



I had SM c-c 50-08 (bent to 51) and 54-11 (bent to 55) along with SM2 60-07 and 64-07 with an Eye 2 45* 9 iron through most of 2011.  I got a SM c-c 62-07 to over come the shortcomings of the 60-07 (not good in soft sand) and 64-07 (not great on tight lies).   I kept the 50-08 (but bent it to 49*) when I changed to AP1s and played the SM c-c 54-14 for 7 months of 2012.  The 60-07 gave me the best ever hole out birdie in 2011 (25 yards over the "Bunker From Hell" at Friars) and it was pretty deadly on pitching.

For me, the best lob wedge ever is my SM4 60-10 (bent to 59).  I use it more as a greenside bunker weapon but it has done its fair share of "down in 2" from 30 yards in to tight pins. 

The SM4 54-11 (bent to 53) does about 99 percent of my short game from 50 yards in.  The SM4 52-12 (bent to 51) did a nice job also but the 54-11 is far better out of sand.