longer/longest legal shafts available????

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D. Sean W

I recently went to be fitted for a 913 D3 driver to replace a 983 with a Graphloy Blue Pro Launch S65 shaft that I had custom fit nearly 15 years ago I was thinking it was time to upgrade technology. The set up that I wound up coming down to was the D3 with a 9.5 degree loft, with the Diamana Ahina 72S shaft, red dot swing weight set at the A1. After hitting +45 balls with only one miss hit, I consistently had a 107 -109 MPH club head speed, 156 MPH Ball speed, 12.5degree launch angle, 3100 RPM spin rate,  +270 yd carry and a 1.49 smash factor???? (Not sure what this is) with a standard 45" shaft.

The question I had asked the fitter was why wouldn't/shouldn't I put a 47" shaft in to maximize my club head swing? (radial acceleration being what it is and all) being they did not have a +2" shaft available to hit he recommended that I contacted the custom shop folks to see what they could build. 

With this information, can the custom shop build a driver that will perform as consistently as I have come to expect from my Titleist drivers over the years?

I am a little hesitant to buy a club I have not hit.