Titleist 910 D3 - SureFit Wrench

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Mark D

Hello Titleist Staff,

I seem to have lost my SureFit Wrench and I believe I most likely left it at the last golf course that I played, however I have not had any success in calling the course in hopes that someone returned it.

I now have a tournament coming up next weekend and I am in dire need of adjusting the setting from A1 to B1, or C1. Would I be able to utilize an old Cobra AMP torque wrench that I have laying around to adjust the driver? I definitely do not want to strip the hosel or break anything, but I really do not know what to do here. I don't want to purchase any third-party knock-off accessories and I am really upset that I lost my wrench.

Can you please provide me with any suggestions?



Cameron D


Any authorized Titleist retailer can order one for you.  In the meantime they can adjust it for you if you visit the shop, assuming the retailer you visit has a fitting cart.  I would stay away from using other manufacturer's wrenches.