Best Way to determine Lie of each club

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Thomas B

I am a relatively new golfer, right at 2 years, HCP 23 but recently shot two rounds in the high 80's......what is the proper  way to determine lie angle of each club?  Should it be determined by physical measurements of the golfer?  then adjust with a lie board?  My concern is, as my swing improves, could it change?  I currently have a fast swing speed, around 107 with driver, play AP1's with C Taper S+ shafts.......Thank you!

Cameron D


When working with a Titleist Club Fitter, they will put lie tape on the sole of your iron and have you hit shots off a lie board.  The impact marks on the sole of the iron will indicate whether you need a more upright or flat lie angle. As your swing does change and develop, you may need to have your lie angles adjusted. 

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