Titleist Tour Van Thursday Aug. 1st - Deal Golf & CC in New Jersey

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Cameron D

Team Titleist Members, 

The East Coast Titleist Tour Van will be visiting Deal Golf & CC this Thursday (8/1).  There are a couple fitting appointments still available.  For pricing and available fitting appointment, please contact Jason Lamp or Bryan DeMarco at Deal Golf & CC (info below). 

Deal Golf & CC
Roseld Ave & Golf Rd
Deal, NJ 07723

Contacts: Jason Lamp or Bryan DeMarco
Phone: 732-531-1198




Sounds like a great opportunity for anyone looking to get a professional fitting.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Robert W


I've recently left school and very interested in becoming a club fitter/maker and ultimately a tour technician, travelling from tournament to tournament assisting the pros. Do you have any advice or the best way to go about doing this? 



Hi Robbie,

Thanks for the post and great question. Here is some feedback from our team of builders and fitters on how to break into the industry...

The best way to start this journey is to learn as much about building and fitting as possible. Whether that is from additional schooling, seminars, training from club making organizations or working in a local shop. The only way to become an accomplished builder and fitter is through repetition and observation.

I've been building clubs for over 15 years and I'm still learning. My path began with instructional videos and then progressed to additional schooling focused on club building. While at school I earned my Class A certification from the Clubmakers Society and continued to get experience by doing all the club repair and fitting at a local golf shop.

You can never learn too much and have too much knowledge in the field you want to be ultimately be in. 

Another key element is to have a passion for helping golfers through building golf clubs to the highest level of precision. You'll need a fully rounded set of skills including customer service skills, attention to detail, good communication skills, hard-working, and of course, a willingness to travel over 40 weeks per year if you want to work on a professional tour.

Hope this helps and good luck on your journey!