Stiff shaft or Regular shaft

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sandy b

I am 66 yrs old have a 9 handicap and have been using a stiff shaft in all my clubs for 50yr. My swing speed with my 909D2 -9.5 is 100-106. With carry and roll my yardage is 255-260. question is will i get more distance & swing speed if i replace with a R shaft>



sandy b

Thank you very much for all your information, I will look into it. 


Lou G

I had a driver and fairways in 2007 that had ProForce ATR stiff with soft tip and they actually felt like hitting a regular shaft. 

 I have a driver with a flex and it actually feels like hitting a regular shaft.

Nate S

With a swing speed of 100 to  105 you should definitely be using a stiff. I swing about 100 with my hybrid and i use an x stiff shaft. i also have an x stiff in my driver and i hit it about 280. i am only 15 so thats why its not quite 300 yet haha. anyway if you do decide to use a regular flex shaft know that you wont hit it any farther and your ball flight could change dramatically so if you currently hit a fade it could turn into a slice or vice versa with a draw.