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Brandon P


I am currently playing a 913f.d 15' with a 43" Fujikura Rombax Pro-95 X-Flex tipped 1/2". I was fit for this club with a 42.5 inch shaft but we ordered it the standard 43". I would like to trim it down to 42.5" as I like that length much better. Can I just trim off a 1/2" from the butt end? I would like to keep the swing weight around D-4 so I am thinking I will need to adjust the weight in the head as well. I was about to order a 18' model with the same set up and was thinking maybe I would be better served by trying the shaft from that model first before I cut down the shaft.



Brandon P

Sounds good! It came with the red weight which I think is 9 gram right? The 14 is the black one correct? 

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Yes, on the 913, the 14 gram is black, the 11 gram is blue, the 9 gram is red, the 7 gram is green and the 4 gram is white.