913 D2 Driver Shaft Selection

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Nicholas P


I will be buying this club in the near future, I know it is the right club for me, period.  Have 2 - 910 hybrids, Blue Diamanna-80 S shafts. Bought the 3-wood this year with the Blue Diamana-72 S shaft. Great club. My driver swing speed was measured mid 90's, and was told this speed is on the "cusp" between R and S. I swung both shafts, had better distance results with the 9.5 S, and was told launch angles were in the window.  I'm a senior, but can still hit a good one 240-250. Feel confident with S shaft.  Input, please. Thanks.

Nick P

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Nick,  If the stiff flex performs better for you and your numbers and ball flight back that up, get the stiff.  Don't let the flex deter you from getting the correct shaft.  There is no standard for Regular, stiff or X flex and each one can vary quite a bit.