AP1 vs AP2

I'm new to the sport of golf as of this year. My question is Should I buy the AP1's or AP2. I just don't want to out grow the clubs in 1 year. I've made huge strides this year. I would guess I started out shooting 180. I'm Consistently shooting around a 100 with my best round of 90. Thanks Aaron


Being new to the sport, I would recommend our more forgiving iron model the 714 AP1.  These will offer the most forgiveness, which will help with your overall ball striking and distance control.



If your limiting your choice to those I would get the ap1. But when I was at this point I went with a cheaper cavity back iron and I now have the ap2s. I love them but higher handicap players in the 90s have a harder time hitting consistently either thrplaurs iron

Thanks for advice. I was fitted for AP1's today.