Shaft Recommendations for 913D2 - 8.5 degree

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Titleist Fan 1321

By way of background, been playing the 913 D2 (8.5 deg) for about 9 monts.  Play the S+ 73x shaft, and after much tinkering get the most consistent results on the A1 setting.  Swingspeed around 105 - 107.  I am a 1.5 handicap.  Originally was fit by a titleist certified fitter.  But, I did change out the stock red weight in favor of the green weight.  Just feels better to me.

For what its worth, I do tend to get even better results on the A1 setting with the red sole weight, but I just can't control it. Miss is a big hard hook that seems to show up out of nowhere. I recognize some might be skeptical, but after extensive testing with the green and red weights, I have more control with the green. Though, I have no idea why that would be.

All in all, I love the performance of this club, and most of the time I get great results.  Problem is, I really don't like the "feel" of the S+ shaft.  Seems a little, well, harsh.  Also, it tends to be very inconsistent.  Probably me, but it is what it is.

I am scheduled for another fitting to try out some different shafts.  But I like to be an informed consumer.  So what I am looking for are some suggestions for alternative shafts which would have similar performance, ie lauch angle and spin, to the S+ I currently game.  In a perfect world, the new shaft would also launch a little flatter (not lower). 

Suggestions?  And, thank you in advance.