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chris b

I am interested in getting the new AP1 714 when they come out in November.  My question is concerning the strengthening of the lofts.  If the PW is now 44* and I have Vokey Wedges starting at 50* & 55* (I like the Vokeys over getting a GW in the AP1) .... the GW Vokey is 50*/8* bounce .... if I get it bent to 48*, what will it effectively do to the bounce??  Will it make it lower or higher??  Will it play considerably different?? 

I could just get another 48* Vokey but my older models that I have in the bag now are perfectly set up and have great DG Spinner shafts in them.  Don't want to fix what ain't broke, right!

Thanks in advance for any insight that anyone may have.

Don O

Of course, that will then leave you with 7 degrees between your GW/SW.  You'll need to recheck your distance gaps with the new PW and your current Vokey wedges to decide to adjust any of the lofts.  You could leave the Vokey where it is at and adjust the PW either by bending it to 45/46 or choking down on it to adjust the distance if there is that much difference from your current PW.  Think of it as having a more flexible/utility PW.  The current AP1 PW is only 45, so you could just gap the GW at 49 as another option.

des taggart

The 714 AP2s do have a "W" club option that you can get. I ordered the 4-PW and added the "W" with the order. The "W" or gap wedge is set at 50* so it compliments the difference of the natural 46* PW and my 54* and 58* vokey wedges---a 4* differential between clubs. I hopes this helps out?