6.3 tour spec tipping?

Started by : Eric S |

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Eric S

Can you order the motore 6.3 tour spec un-tipped in x flex with driver adapter so it will play between flexes?

Hans T

Curious as to why it would play "between flexes". To my knowledge, only a few shafts out there are designed for bore-through heads, or multi-flex shafts, and therefore need to be tip trimmed.


Any info welcome.

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Hans,  Our normal tipping for that shaft would have been 1/2 inch.  I am assuming that Eric wants this shaft to play softer than our normal X, so he is asking for no tipping. It will then play between an S and an X

Hans T

Thanks, Cathi, that makes sense if normally 1/2 inch is tipped. Must be a bore-through design shaft. Good info to have in the pro shop.