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In determining what setting to use on the 913 D2, 913 F & 913 H I was wondering what each letter and number is designed for. In other words, what does the C represent and what does the number represent?

We had a discussion regarding this and were trying to determine what each represented..

Don O

You can refer to the chart - (online)

It means exactly the opposite to a left hander than it does to a right hander.  The number and letters are consecutive on the hosel fittings, but you need to translate to the impact on your loft and lie angles.  More importantly, for both LH and RH, the shafts and adjusments are in identical in sequence.  Hence that is why Titleist made them backwards for me, even though I golf from the right side of the ball.  A1 is not my factory setting.

Let's face it, LH are more adaptable.


Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The numbers and letters by themselves don't represent anything, but, the 16 combinations (one letter and one number together) are the key to each setting.

Thanks Cathi. Appreciate the response as it solves the questions we had.