Titleist 714 Irons

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Kasey Y

I was just fitted for the new AP2 714 irons. I'm noticing that the worldwide roll-out of irons isn't until November 8th, but when I spoke with the TItleist representative he led me to believe that I might be able to receive my custom fit irons before that time frame. Does anyone know the answer to this?

Is there any chance because I was custom fit and will receive "high priority" that my irons will arrive before the Nov 8th release date?


Steve H

Thanks Cameron,

I was fitted, my irons have been ordered, but my Pro has told me the ship date is November 8th....However, you state that's the "in-hands"date.  So i was wondering if they will be in my hot little hands on the 8th, or they will ship on the 8th??  Just wondering.  Thanks

Cameron D


Yes, you should have them then.