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santiago m

Hi Team Titleist,

I'm an Italian golf pro and I've some doubts regarding the selection of the correct golf club in relation with the speed of the swing.

Since I don't use modern technologies such as trackman, flightscope or high speed cameras I would like to know how can I suggest the right club to mu pupils. In my golf culture I have been taught that the more speed of the club at impact and distance of the ball the more the club must be stiff. In my personal experience I noticed that actually, the flexibility of the shaft should be more in relation with the speed of the change of direction at the top of the backswing (rhythm) and with the length of the swing.

Am I wrong? Is there any scientific study about it?

Thank you and Best Regards


P.s. Sorry for my English

Cameron D


You are correct in saying that the club head speed should help dictate the flex.  Generally, a combination of club head speed, ball speed, and tempo will help to determine what flex and weight shaft you should look towards.  You will also need to consider how the launch and spin characteristics of the shaft impact your overall distance and consistency.  Some players with faster club head speeds and quicker tempos will benefit from stiffer shafts and heavier weights.  This choice will also come down to how the shaft feels to the player.  Shafts that feel too heavy or too stiff may not give the player the control they need.