AP2 fitting shaft - DG S300 (Stock) or PX PXI 6.0?

Started by : Jordan G |

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Jordan G

Looking to get a set of AP2 714 irons. My swing speed with a driver is 115mph, right around 92-95 with a 6 iron.

I like the feel of the stock DG S300 shafts that come in the AP2 714 irons - I have hit around 20-30 balls with the demo setup that my retailer (Par Golf in Columbus, OH) had. I have not hit the Project X PXI 6.0, but under the True Temper "Shaft fitting" site:


It recommends a PXI 6.0 shaft for my options. 7 iron = 170 yards, low-mid trajectory, lightweight shaft, etc.

I used 712 AP1 irons before, and the Dynalite XP S300 shaft was too high launching for my preference. I know the DG S300's are 130 grams, and the PXI's 6.0 are 112 grams, which is quite a big difference in weight. Will the DG S300's be lower launching than the PXI 6.0's? I can carry a 6 iron around 180-185 yards with no wind... I just don't want to spend the extra money for the upcharge for the PXI's if the DG S300's will be a better fit.