My 913D2 D2 and 913Fd

What are swing weights for the following-


 aldila rip phenom 60 stiff shaft

8.5 played at 9.25


aldila rip phenom 70stiff shaft 1/2 inch under

bezel weight is 9g

15 played at 15.75


The swing weight for the driver is D3.  The swing weight for the fairway metal is D0.



Is there anyway to make the driver the same to see if it helps, but not perminate in case its worse. I`m grasping at straws but im ready to put the driver in the closet - i simply have not been able to get comfortable with it. I`ll hit the fairway with it but It just doesnt feel smooth. 

when they make a 913fd driver im buying ten. 


You can put the 14g bezel weight into the fairway metal to make it a D3 swing weight. 



i actually wanted to make driver feel like the fairway wood

I have the 913fd 13.5 -- crank it down to 12.75 -- there is your fd driver.  I hit mine a ton.

you could try the lightest weight offered (4g i think) in your driver.  That should get you close to what you want.  If balance is the issue and not actual club weight, go with a heavier grip.

i hit that Fd almost as far as my driver and much more acurate. The Fd has forward weighting and now that T-made came out with a driver that has it I`m wondering how long until Titleist does the same.