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Ian G


What is the maximum degree of loft adjustment for AP2 712 

I have DG R300 shafts 

Yhe ball flight is perfect with good length in 3,4,5 irons -190,180,170 carry respectively however the shorter clubs can produce a balloon ball flight in the wind, I love the soft feel of the irons and wondered if I could bend them 3 degrees stronger in the 7,8,9 and wedge irons


techinically i'm sure you can bend them.  but you'd be pretty much eliminating any bounce and would make them more difficult to hit properly.  bending your 7 iron like that would give it almost the same loft as your 6 iron and virtually no bounce.  i don't think i would try it.

Cameron D


Our tolerance is +/- 2* when bending.



Ian G

Thanks Cameron 

Had the lower irons tweaked today, much much improved flight with no impact on the playability of the irons 

Spin rates and carry distance now as expected, but the flight is much more penetrative through wind

Thanks chap