Loss in distance?

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Laurent B

Hi everybody, Is it normal that there can be a loss in distance when upgrading from ap2 (2008) to the 714 cb? Thanks.

Laurent B

Thank you for the answer.

I had them for about a week now and it's getting better. Everything from Pitch till 6 iron is reset to the same distance with my ap2's... Still have to work a bit on the 5 and 4 iron though, i guess it's just a matter of training because the CB's are a bit less forgiving.

I do have to say that even for my handicap, which is around 9 now, the CB's are not too hard to strike. And even someone from my handicap can work the ball much better left, right, up and down. Great clubs!

Laurent B

If i am hitting it in the center of the club face, is it possible only the long irons (5 and 4) are lacking a bit distance? My swing speed is more then enough i guess (92mph with a 6 iron). 

And why do you think there is this distance loss?

steve b

Depending on a players ball speed at some point they wil begin to hit mid to long irons pretty much the same distance.  This is due to the launch angles getting lower with the stronger lofted clubs, thus reducing the carry distance.  Find a good Titliest fitter in your area that fits outdoors off of real grass. Also, they should use launch  monitor and Pro V1 golf balls.  Have them gathr your launch and carry distances and then compare to the charts in the Titleist fitting manual.  You will find your answer.

Another question I would want to know is "  Does your 4 and 5 iron both have a high enough traj to stop on the green within 15 feet of where they land?"
 Steve Ball
PGA Master Professional 

Laurent B

They do fly high enough to stop within 15 feet.

I don't think there is a certified titleist fitter close to me though... I live in Antwerp, Belgium. But i don't think there is even 1 fitter in Belgium.

Thanks for the help.

Laurent Beuk.

Laurent B

Oh and btw. I know my swing speed with a 6-iron is about 90 - 92 mph.

Thanks :)