what is the difference in shafts for wedges?

I am looking to purchase another 56-08 Vokey wedge.  There are different choices in shafts, R200, R300, S200, S300 etc. 

I hit my present Vokey 75 yds. and use steel regular flex shafts in my irons.  Does it really matter in the sand wedge what the flex of

the shaft is? 


A lot of what you decide to put in your wedges can be determined by feel.  Since you aren't taking as many full shots with your wedge, staying with a stock S200 over the regular flex in your irons won't have as much of an impact as if you went up a full flex in your irons.  I would recommend consulting a Club Fitter as well as trying out the current stock S200 shaft.  Hit a variety of shots with the stock shaft and let that help with your decision.



After just spending a half of day with Bob Vokey, I would agree with Cameron...I was fit into an S Flex steel shaft for the reasons Cameron pointed out...every other club in my bag is an X Flex (well, maybe not my putter! LOL). 

I also have a question along those same lines. Right now I am playing the 712 AP2's with the stock S300's in them and loving it. I currently have a 52 and 58 with the "wedge flex". I was thinking about replacing my 52 since I hit a lot of full shots with it but is there really any difference in going from wedge flex to an S300? I was told at my local pro shop that the standard Titleist wedge flex is actually an S400. Is this correct?


The stock shaft is a Dynamic Gold S200.  The only difference between the S200 and S300 is a couple grams.