what is the difference in shafts for wedges?

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Dennis D

I am looking to purchase another 56-08 Vokey wedge.  There are different choices in shafts, R200, R300, S200, S300 etc. 

I hit my present Vokey 75 yds. and use steel regular flex shafts in my irons.  Does it really matter in the sand wedge what the flex of

the shaft is? 


After just spending a half of day with Bob Vokey, I would agree with Cameron...I was fit into an S Flex steel shaft for the reasons Cameron pointed out...every other club in my bag is an X Flex (well, maybe not my putter! LOL). 

Pat M

I also have a question along those same lines. Right now I am playing the 712 AP2's with the stock S300's in them and loving it. I currently have a 52 and 58 with the "wedge flex". I was thinking about replacing my 52 since I hit a lot of full shots with it but is there really any difference in going from wedge flex to an S300? I was told at my local pro shop that the standard Titleist wedge flex is actually an S400. Is this correct?

Cameron D


The stock shaft is a Dynamic Gold S200.  The only difference between the S200 and S300 is a couple grams.