Titleist DCI 962

What new iron would be the most like my present set of Titleist DCI 962?


The current model that is most similar to the DCI 962 would be the 714 CB and MB.  Both offer maximum work-ability for the better player.



Thank you

Thanks for asking this question William cause these are the same irons that I play right now. They may be around 16 yrs old now but they still look brand new and they are by far the best irons that I have ever played. I am still hitting the 975 driver and 3W and they are in mint condition also. And yes, they do have a lot of rounds played on them. I just take care of my equipment.


And thank you Cameron for answering this question. As now I know what to replace them with if I deside to ever change irons. But I am sure by then, there will bea new iron out to replace them.



I just replaced my 15 year old 962's with 714 AP2s. I still hit the old ones ok but custom fitting and new shafts were the ticket. At 52 years young, the S300s are a little heavy for me, went with PXi 6.0s in all my irons and wedges. The new clubs have a much better feel and more solid contact. I am getting much better ball flight from the longer irons.

I highly recommend a good fitting session to try them out.