How to know which Grinds to get for some new Vokey Hand Ground Wedges and bounce and shaft!

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I have been playing some MP-T wedges for about 2 years with Rifle Spinner shafts and they are 3 degrees up like my irons and I have hit them very well over the years. The lofts are 50,54,58. Plan on switching my wedges and irons this year to be Titleist (currently TM irons) but want to go back to all Titleist.

Is staying 3 degrees up just like my irons a good thing in wedges? I know 3 degrees up is perfect for me in irons, so should it be perfect in wedges also? I've heard a few different rules of thumb here. I seem to hit a lot of pulls with these wedges but it may be that the shaft isn't stiff enough? I think it's just the standard flex that would have been in the spinner shafts stock. Usually use stiff shafts in irons so maybe they are not stiff enough. My current irons have KBS Black Nickel Tour (stiff) shafts. I really loved the smoked look to the shafts. Should I play something more like this in wedges, or possibly Dynamic Gold S-300?

Also how to figure out which grind would be the best for each wedge when ordering Custom hand Ground wedges. Not worried about the high price tag on these wedges as I plan on keeping them for years and wedges can save a lot of shots in a round of golf. But need help determing which grind to get. Should you get the same grind in all 3 wedges?

I really enjoy hitting flop shots and it's something I used to be very good at opening the blade wide open and popping it up but over the last few years it's been hard with the MP-T 58*. Not sure if the bounce was wrong on it or the fact that it doesn't have a special grind for flop shots. It just seems like stock wedges today aren't as easy to flop with as wedges from back in the day (588 from way back when, etc.)

So, I like hitting flop shots and would like to be able to hit a flop even on a tight fairway close to the green. Basically looking for whatever would be the best grind to be able to slide right under the ball if needed and also be somewhat versitile in bunkers, fairways, etc. I wouldn't say I am a digger but more of a picker from 80 yards and in and normally hit the one hop and stop shots from picking it clean with just a slight divot.

Also should I get the same grinds for the other 2 wedges?

I know I rambled on but this is my first post and looking for some help!


David Browning


There are so many variables when choosing grinds. The condition(s) of the course(s). The type of shots you you plan on using a specific wedge for. If you want them to be more versatile, you'd probably want something like the M grind. Hop on the Voke's website and just read the details of each grind and the options that go with it. Just choose one that you think would benefit from the most.