Just bought the new AP2 714 irons. My olds irons were the very first edition of the AP2 did not even have a model number stamped! I had rifle shafts in my old irons. I wanted to upgrade and got fitted. My new AP2 have XP95 stiff shafts. I hit the long irons great but are finding the 8,9 and pw very inconsistant. I carried the irons to a golf shop and hit both irons (new and old) on the launch machine. The pro told me that the new clubs were about a yard longer but I don't see that on the course. Any problems with the new shafts?

Thanks Dewane 


They will play slightly softer then the rifle shafts you had previously, but with the stronger lofts (in the shorter irons) and new technology in the 714s you should see a slight increase in distance.  You will certainly benefit from a more forgiving model and longer distance off of your miss-hits.   You could consider trying a shaft that is a little firmer or heavier.  This could help reduce spin or launch, that may be causing a lack of distance.  Know that you aren't going to see a huge increase in distance, and that you will benefit most from your miss-hits.