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Andy S

I played my best golf with titleist irons. I want to get a new set but torn between the 714 CB or AP2 irons. I'm not a pro but love a clean line visually however; should I strongly consider the AP2 just for the forgiveness factor.?

Stephen S

I was in a similar dilemma deciding between the cb and the ap2. After trying both during my fitting, I decided to do a combo set of ap2 4-6 and cb 7-p because I liked the higher launching long irons of the ap2 and the more penetrating flight of the cb in the shorter irons. My suggestion would be try them both and see what you like best and make sure to get fit for the proper shaft, it makes all the difference in the world.


Don O

Even a number of the pros play AP2s.  Jason Duffner and Steve Stricker come to mind.  Based on your ball striking and some other factors, a fitter can help you find the best combination of irons.  You can get combinations of AP2s in longer irons and CBs in the shorter irons.  Not just all AP2s or CBs.  A couple of Titleist pros have used AP1s in long irons and AP2s in the short irons.  How it looks to you is important, but so are the best results for your ability.


Tyson M

I went to my local golf shop last month for a fitting to get some new irons. I had my mind set on the 714 CB's before I walked in the door. We went through the full fitting with the CB's and as we were finishing up the Pro asked if there was anything else I wanted to hit before we were done. Out of curiosity I tried the 714 AP2's and Im glad I did. Dont get me wrong, I loved the CB's but after hitting with the APs thats what I went with. Everything about them was a touch better than the CB. Look good at address as well. Im a 4 HCP with a 6 iron swing speed of 91 mph and these fit my game great

Thedor M

Easy......take a 7 iron and hit the range. If you can hit 9/10 great shots go for the CB. Otherwise AP2. MB and CB are really meant for hcp 5 and below