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Timothy B

When you order irons (let's say 1 1/2" shorter than standard) with standard steel shafts and stock tour velvet grips, how does your build department add weight to the head to bring it to standard/stock D1 swingweight?  Do you make heads with different total weight OR do you add weight to a stock head and/or shaft?  Tip weights in the shaft would not be enough to get it to D1.  I am wondering if you produce iron heads of different total weight in each loft for more or less head weight to make up for adding (or subtracting for that matter) swingweight?  I ask because I have two sets of ap2's that have head weights that are approximately 8 grams different per the same loft/iron #.  ie do you have 7 iron heads that are produced in multiple head weights and if so how many different head weight options do you make?


Paul D

Hello Titleist Team,
Thanks for putting out great equipment's. I bought 913 D2, very happy with the driver but very unhappy with the cover. It is so hard to put it on, I usually put the cover on after each hit. Please design the better cover. I like this cover better than my 907 and 909 cover because it also cover the shaft.


Hi Cathi, I just purchased a used set of 712 AP2s from my local golf shop and they came with DG TI S400s but 1/2 longer than standard. Current swingweight is D3. 

What would be my best options here? I currently play DG TI X100s but wouldn't mind a little bit of a softer shaft. 

- Hard step them so the lengths would go back to standard OR

- Butt trim them 1/2 inch

If I butt trim them, the SW would be at D0 correct? What would be the SW if I hard step the shafts so they play at standard length?

Thanks in advance

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi,  D3 seems a little light for that set up unless they asked for a light swingweight or had a heavier grip on it.  But, assuming a D3 swingweight now, if you butt cut them 1/2" or hard step them, you are probably looking at D0-D0.5.  If you want a softer shaft, hard stepping is going to make them play firmer - cutting them will probably not change the flex.  You may need to reshaft to S400 or S300. You can always use a lighter grip to get it back to D2 or higher if you wish. 


Thanks for the reply Cathi. You said the SW seems a little light, what SW should they be playing at considering the specs? 1/2 inch long, DG TI S400, GP Tour Velvet standard grips

Another option I'm looking at is just to re-shaft them but I'm giving it a few more rounds before I decide on what to do. 

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The standard build would probably be D5-D6 with those specs.

John M

What was the question that generated your answer?  What specs are you referring to?
Thank you

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi John,  MK had a question about standard swingweight on a set of 712 AP2 ions with DYG TI S400 at 1/2 inch long, GP Tour Velvet standard grips

Lou G

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

We do have some variance in head weights, but only +/-2 grams.  We can also add tip weights, but, we would not be able to bring a 1.5" short DYG S300 shaft and stock grip to a D1 swingweight.  At best, it would be C4, maybe C5 (assuming 714 AP2 head)

Golf Pride 25 or Dri Tac Lite grip would bring it to C8 without any tip weight. 

I have some AP1 irons that are 1/2" short (and 1/2* upright) that are at D0 with Winn Excel RF midsize.  I've had these irons for 2 years.

I had a 910F 19* that I played at the D3 setting with a 41" Bassara shaft and I used Dri Tac Lite oversize to bring the swingweight to D0.  My setting for a 3 wood is 42" and 58.5* lie angle and for a 7 wood is 41" and 59.5* lie angle (these are from using TM Burner for a couple years prior to 910F).