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Vincent N

Dear Team Titleist, Coming from 712 AP2 irons, I'm about to order a set of 714 AP1's. My handicap is 16, age 41, 6'2" tall. I hot a 6 iron 155-160 yards, ball flight is high, which is fine. I have a fast transition, and my bad shot is a thin hit, hitting the ball on the upswing. I play around twice a month and practice twice a month. My AP2 irons were DGS300, 2* upright and 1/2" longer, but I still regularly hit the ball thin; for the AP 1 irons, I am considering even longer shafts. Shaft choice either Dynamic Gold again or KBS tour, +3/4"or even plus 1", with a flex slightly softer than the DGS in my AP2's. Question 1: if I order the longer shafts, what kind of swingweight can I expect? Question 2: how much softer would the extra length make the flex play? Question 3: for a flex no stronger than the DGS300, should I order the KBS in R+ or S? Thanks, Vincent

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Vincent,  We can build a set of 714 AP2 irons with DYG S300 and mid size or std Tour Velvet grips at a D4 swingweight using lightweight heads or we can get to D3 using KBS Tour shafts and lightweight heads.  At one inch over, the flex will soften about 1/3-1/2 or so.  We would recommend seeing a good local fitter to help you choose the proper flex at that length.  If you need a recommendation for a fitter in your area, give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST and we would be happy to assist you.