910D2 face angle

what is the face angle of the 910D2 in the D4 setting? still .5 open?  In other words, will adding loft but not changing the lie angel change the face angle?  Thanks,


If you are right handed, the D4 setting is .5 closed (face angle) and the lie angle is standard.  You can change the lie angle independently of the face angle.

Thanks, Cathi.  I appreciate your prompt response.  Yes, I am right handed.  Sounds like it is not possible to increase loft by .75, maintain a standard lie angle, and maintain the standard .05 open face angle.  Is that correct?   

In the instance where you want to keep the .5 open face angle (std) and std lie angle, we would recommend you go to a 1° higher loft if the .5 closed face is too much. 

Hi Cathi, I have similar comments to John L. In his case he wants to increase loft  .75 and maintain the standard lie ( aka A:1) on the fitting grid. So can he not achieve this be fitting his club to D:4 ? Will that not increase loft and maintain lie?

Also, So that I am clear. The 910 D2 Standard lie is .5 Open, Correct ? in the A:1 Setting.  And as a refrence, if I want to close the face a bit to prevent striking the ball with a more open clubface and I wanted to maintain the standard loft I would fit the club to b:2  ? correct? This maintains the standard loft and closes the clubface  .75 ? 

I am correct?






Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

In the instance where you want to keep the .5 open face angle (std) and std lie angle, we would recommend you go to a 1° higher loft if the .5 closed face is too much. 

Hi Jim,  In John's case, he wanted the face angle and the lie angle to remain at standard while increasing loft.  At D4, in order to achieve more loft, the face angle would have to close so it would be .5 closed (.75 higher loft) and standard lie angle.  On B2, the only thing that would change from standard is the lie angle - you would be moving it to .75 upright.  Loft and face angle are interconnected, while lie angle is independent.  So anytime you change the loft, you will also be changing the face angle.  Hope that helps!

Ok, I am sorry to be redundant I just want to be clear. thanks for the quick info too.!

My questions are about the face angle for the 910.

So standard setup is A:1 and in this the face is .5 open, correct?

In D:4 the face goes from .5 open to .5 closed? as well is uping the loft,  Correct?

Loft: So if i have the 9.5 lofted club in D:4 I have made it 10.25, correct?

So the only way to keep closing the clubface is to increase the loft? What is the club face angle in setting A:4? 1 degree closed?


Thanks again ! sorry for all the questions!  If there is a more detailed matrix grid that tell the face angles as well, I could really use that.




At A1, the face is .5 open, the lie angle is std and the loft is whatever loft you have.  At D4, face is .5 closed, loft is increased by .75 (10.25°) and lie is std.  At A4, the face angle is 1.5 closed, loft is increased by 1.5° to 11°. 

Now I'M confused. The Titleist chart states that the D4 setting has as much fade as but .75 more loft than the standard setting, which is .5 open. If this is the case, how could D4 be ".5 closed"? Your reponse indicating a .5 closed status would indicate that a shift from setting A1 to D4 would result in a high draw - is that the case?

When the loft is increased, the face angle is closed.  Loft and face angle are interconnected.  A1 is standard loft - say 9.5°, standard lie angle at 58.5° and a face angle of .5.  When you increase the loft to 10.25, you will effectively close the face 1° so the result is a 10.25° loft, standard lie angle and a face angle of .5 closed (.5 open to .5 closed is 1°).  The chart "fade" to "draw" is relative to each square.  It is certainly possible to draw the ball in a B4 setting (which says fade) because the face is 1.5° closed.  The reason it says "fade" is because relative to A4, all things being equal, B4 will go more right than A4.  Please give us a call at Team Titleist and we would be happy to take you through the settings if it doesn't make sense.



Im hitting the D2 9.5 on the D-4 setting. I am hitting a very high fade. Swing speed 105-115ish. How can i bring the ball down and maybe encourage a straight or slightly draw ball flight? What would be your recommended setting? Thx

Hi Rick,  The D4 setting is a slightly higher loft with standard lie angle.  Have you tried C2 or if that doesn't work, D2?

I have just purchased a 910D3 and intend to upgrade the shaft to a high end model. Because I believe that spine position affects how a club feels, I want to assure that I put the shaft into the Sure-Fit adaptor accordingly. I understand that changing the settings of the adaptor will move the shaft spine from its original position, so it becomes important to understand how the face angle changes as one moves from one setting on the Performance Guide to another. Cathi has shown that changing the loft also affects the face angle and provided some data on the correlation between loft angle and face angle, e.g. +0.75° loft = -1° face angle. I have some additional questions: 1) Is this correlation consistent such that if A1 = 9.5° loft and +0.5° face, then A4 = 11.0° loft and -1.5° face? 2) What is the correlation between face angles as one moves along a horizontal line from one setting to another? In other words if A1 = 9.5° loft and +0.5° face, what are the face angles at A2, B2 and B1? 3) Is this correlation consistent as the loft angle changes? In other words, if D4 = 10.25° loft and -0.5° face, what are the face angles at D3, C3 and C4, etc.? If these are points better discussed in person, please provide a telephone or address for chatting on-line. Thanks, Ken



on the right side of this link is a link about the matrix for the 910 drivers. just follow the directions and i think this should help. 

Thanks for the link. It's precisely this matrix that is raising my questons. I hope someone from Titleist can reply to the three points I addressed above.