910D2 face angle

Kenneth K
I have just purchased a 910D3 and intend to upgrade the shaft to a high end model. Because I believe that spine position affects how a club feels, I want to assure that I put the shaft into the Sure-Fit adaptor accordingly. I understand that changing the settings of the adaptor will move the shaft spine from its original position, so it becomes important to understand how the face angle changes as one moves from one setting on the Performance Guide to another. Cathi has shown that changing the loft also affects the face angle and provided some data on the correlation between loft angle and face angle, e.g. +0.75° loft = -1° face angle. I have some additional questions: 1) Is this correlation consistent such that if A1 = 9.5° loft and +0.5° face, then A4 = 11.0° loft and -1.5° face? 2) What is the correlation between face angles as one moves along a horizontal line from one setting to another? In other words if A1 = 9.5° loft and +0.5° face, what are the face angles at A2, B2 and B1? 3) Is this correlation consistent as the loft angle changes? In other words, if D4 = 10.25° loft and -0.5° face, what are the face angles at D3, C3 and C4, etc.? If these are points better discussed in person, please provide a telephone or address for chatting on-line. Thanks, Ken

As you are looking at the performance chart, the only thing that changes is the lie angle as you move from left to right (upright to flat)(RH).  The face angle does not change.

Okay maybe I am confused or the matrix card needs to give more examples. If I am in the C-3 setting would that mean I am opening the face vice closing? So I can understand you Cathi if I have a 10.5 driver and I put the setting to D-4 I will have changed the loft to 11.25 and should be drawing the ball vice fading?

Thanks for bumping this Philip.  The topic remains confusing and the chart inadequate to give definitive help with settings.  According to information Cathi published here each 0.75° step in loft seems to be accompanied by a 1° change in face angle.  If I've correctly interpreted what she wrote, steps to higher lofts close the face, and steps to lower lofts open the face. 

Personally, I prefer to play with a slight fade.  I set my driver at D1, which theoretically opens the face by an additional degree compared to A1.  This is evident during set-up but I don't notice a concomitant increase in my fade.

It might be possible to compensate for an open face since the adjustment instructions state "To straighten fade or increase draw, move left."   Maintaining the loft at -0.75, I turned the adaptor D1 to C2.  That change resulted in a tendency to hit to the left, which on my home course is problematic because we have left out of bounds on six holes.  

Maybe Cathi can shed more light on the issues.


Hi Phillip,  If you are on the same row as the standard loft, moving the setting left or right on that row will not change the effective face angle or the loft - only the lie angle.  If you move up in loft, to the row above, you will increase the loft by .75° and the effective face angle will be .5° closed.  So at C3 and D4, the loft is .75 higher, the effective face angle is .5° closed and the difference is the lie angle.  On C3, the lie angle is .75 upright and on D4, the lie angle is standard.

Hi Cathi, so in theory at the C-3 setting even though I added .75 loft my face should be .5 closed and my ball flight should be a slight draw.

Yes :)


Hi Cathi, so in theory at the C-3 setting even though I added .75 loft my face should be .5 closed and my ball flight should be a slight draw.

Theoretically slight draw assuming +.75 is the correct lie angle for your swing.  IF you have a weak grip or tend to hit a fade with something like B2, then C3 is a dead straiight shot.  I was given a tip to put some masking tape on the bottom of the club and hit some balls off the mats to observe where the scuff marks are to adjust the lie angle.

Understand my 910F and 910H are modified (cut 1" short and using a Lite Dri Tac grip).  My 910F 19* at C3 and 910H 27* at D2 both produce a dead straight shot. 


Correct me if am wrong but what i see on the chart is basically that "you can not get a square face angle on the matrix" and/or chart.