Reshafting AP2's and shaft length.

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Ron L

I'm reshafting my AP2's with DG's and have already removed my KBS Tours.  Can anyone tell me what the iron length of a set of 4-w pulled shafts should be.  I have a set now but they seem 1/2" or so short.  Here are the approx length of the pulls with grips on

4. 37 1/4

5. 36 3/4

6. 36 1/4

7. 35 5/8

8. 35 1/8

9. 34 1/2

P. 34 1/4


Thank you to anyone that can help.  I was fitted for standard length shafts and want to make sure these are correct before I have them swingweighted and installed.



Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


Stock set of AP2 length specs below (3-W) : 

Length 39.0" 38.5" 38.0" 37.5" 37.0" 36.5" 36.0" 35.75" 35.75"



Lance D

Hey Cameron is that lengths of installed shafts or loose ones?

Lance D

Actually what I really want to know is how long are standard length shafts of AP2 from top of hosel?