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Tony K

My local titleist fitter does not utilise a launch monitor, rather just a lie board, his eyes, experience and an open driving range. am i being disadvantaged by not using a launch monitor or is his experience enough?
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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

It depends - the fitters out at Oceanside can tell you within 200 spin and 1/2-1° of launch just by sight because they have seen so many.  If you are having a good give and take conversation about what launch you want to see and the ball is going straight and rolling out sufficiently, you should be okay.  Where it will make a bigger difference is comparing shafts.  Sometimes, the best feeling shafts aren't always the best launching and spinning shafts for your swing and a launch monitor can help.


Yes, you need trackman to properly do a fitting along with the other tools..IMHO

Joe B

Don't forget a couple major parameters. Ball speed and land angle.