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Softstep X100 vs. Hardstep s300

Jeff E

Recently went through extensive trackman testing with ap2's. 6 iron ss is 88-91mph. Results from hitting the x100 and s300 were similar in terms of carry distance. Dispersion was a hair tighter with x100, but not significant. Feel was better with s300, however, it also felt just a bit "flexy", great for working the ball, but, could lead to dispersion issues if you step on it (thats what i'm thinking anyway, may not be the case). So, interested in the affects of ssx100 or hss300. Would hard stepping the s300 tighten it up (reduce the "flexy") and would soft stepping the x100 soften it up (feel wise)? Im more interested in dispersion as I only try to "move the ball" when required, otherwise is straight to a slight draw. I have a flattish impact as I'm usually 2-5 degrees from the inside, and play the irons 1 degree flat. Any comments/ideas are appreciated, and excuse the word I created "flexy"...but, you know what I mean. Thanks

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  1. Joe B

    The S400 will flex out about the same as a Hard Stepped S300. It is a little heavier in weight, but usually is a nice option for a player looking for something tighter than the S300. Soft stepping a X100 will still be a little stiffer than the S400.

    Based on all the information you have given, I would recommend hard stepping the S300.

  2. Nathan H

    There is a flex in between, s400, which will be the same as a hardstep s300 but still softer than a softstep x100. i would go with softstep x100 or as stiff as you can handle as dispersion is much more important than distance, but that is just me. hope this helps a little

  3. DJ S

    X100 has a 6.8FCM

    S300 has a 5.8FCM

    soft-stepping the X100 will bring it to a 6.5FCM

    hard-stepping the S300 will bring it to a 6.1FCM

    An s400 is at 6.1FCM so if your on the line I'd go with the S400. I'd even go with the Tour Issue S400 to make sure that everything is right, because the tolerances are a lot tighter.    

  4. Ryan Crysler

    Hard stepped s300 sounds about right. X100 soft stepped would feel softer and heavier.... something you may like. You may also enjoy the s400: it's heavier than the both but not as stiff as the X100. RC
  5. Nick A

    Soft stepped x-1s everyday and twice on sundays.

    Soft stepping the x-1s wont have a negative effect on the dispersion compared to a straight in x-100, but will give you a little more "play" at the bottom. Also, they will perform better in the wind then S-300s.

    When I got fit with my old irons with hardstepped s-300s, my spin was up around 7000. Put soft stepped x-100 in and spin was down around 6000-6200 rpm.

  6. Ricardo W

    Thanks guys. This forum has helped me out. Ordering my Soft Stepped X100's today. Rick
  7. In the Jonzone

    I would highly consider the TI S400. I was fit on the miz shaft optimizer with the same swing speed to a SSX100 as well or HSS300, and I chose the TI's in my 714 AP2's and couldn't be happier. No longer did I have any miss to the left, it was straight or even a slight fade and my dispersion improved dramatically. If you have the scratch definitely go TI S400 or SSX100...

  8. Chris92009

    I was in the same situation with my last two sets of clubs and I ordered X100 SSx1.


    FWIW, Chris

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