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shaft suggestion for 910F

bob l


I currently play a 19* 910f with the real diamana kai'li 70 stiff, I play the balls way to high and the shaft feels whippy and to light for me.

What shaft would give me a much lower ballflight,heavier weight and a more stable feel?

My SS driver is 98-102 mph

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Hunter G

    from what i have heard the ust proforce v2 shaft is for low ball flight.

  2. Marc J

    Hunter G

    from what i have heard the ust proforce v2 shaft is for low ball flight.

    Indeed.  I'd recommend being fitted with those shafts in possibly the 86g weight offering.  I believe as you increase the weight, the launch angle flattens.

  3. M.PHAM

    I got fit by a full range studio out in Long Beach, CA called The Fitting Studio.  I hit absolutely everything low launch low spin shaft out there.  Original Mitsubishi Whiteboard 73 stiff, or Matrix Ozik 6m3(60g) or 7m3(70g)(lowest spinning lowest launching thing ive ever hit).  Would recommend tipping shaft with what your trying to achieve.

    Im at 115-117 with Driver
    Tour Issue Superfast TP Black Head 8.5*/2.5* open w/ Matrix 7m3 tipped .75 inch.

  4. Nate S

    I would say you should keep the shaft but adjust the club to it's lowest setting (loft wise). You might actually want to switch to a lighter shaft if you only swing your diver right around 100. That means that you are swinging about 92-95 with you 910F. I swing 90-93 on my driver and I play a diamana Kai'li 65 stiff.

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