Oceanside fitting


I signed my dad and I up for the fitting at Oceanside at the end of November for the 1 o clock time.  Can't wait for the experience!  I heard that the fittings can take over 4 hours, and I was wondering if we had enough daylight for it or do they have lights at the facility?  If not, then would it be better to schedule the 9 o clock time instead?  Thanks.

Hi Jason. I had my fitting at the end of January 2010 and had the afternoon session. No problem for me. My fitter, Steve Ziff and I beat balls for a full Tour fitting for over 3 1/2 hours with a 1:00pm start. What an experience, but be prepared to be completely exhausted by the time you finish. I have since purchased all of the equipment I was fitted for in the exact specs that Steve said I needed!!! I have bought a lightweight cart bag as well to show off my allegience to Titleist! I have even had my 1st hole in one since putting the new clubs in the bag! All I can say is be ready for a work out and the best experience of your golfing history. You won't regret getting the full Tour experience from the Oceanside Facility @ TPI. You are treated just as if you were one of the Titleist ambassadors on the Tours! Good luck and enjoy!

Thanks for the info!  Sounds like it's totally worth it.  How many shots did you drop from your handicap?  I'll have to get into somewhat good shape before I drive down there!