Is regional club fitting worth it?

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Mike S

Just went to a regional club fitter over last weekend and didn't know what to expect.  I got fit for AP2 712 and not to sure what to think may be a staff member can help clear this up. I hit a few off the lie board to get proper lie than started fitting for shaft we used the launch monitor to get swing speed, launch ...etc.  and that was it.  I thought that it was more than just that. I am happy with the choice of shaft but as a regional fitter I thought it was much more testing involved than that.  Can one of the staff members please tell me if this is the right test method for a regional fitting center vs any old demo day or advanced fitter. After traveling 6 hours and $150.00 later just want to know if it was worth it?


I am considering a trip to see a Regional fitter myself.  Unfortunately, it will be more than a 6 hour trip for me. My guess is that there  is only so much that can be done during a fitting - especially for irons, where there are only a hand full of manufacturers and flex's, so loft/lie, length, flex and grip size are the main factors.  So, aside from the launch monitor, and the broad experience of the fitter, the sheer selection of driver shafts; which allows the most options to dial in the fit, to maximize launch and spin, is why I will be making the trip.

Mike S

I was very disappointed with the selection of shafts for the irons because I was a 1/2 inch over standard length and the fitting cart didn't have the shaft I fit into. So I just hope I chose the right shaft with out hitting the proper length. The fitter I went to had hundreds of wood shafts but very limited to the iron choice. Do your homework and ask the questions to the fitter before you waste your time.