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James G

Hello all,

I'm currently playing the AP1 712 with the DG S300. I recently have greatly improved my swing and have picked up a great deal of clubhead speed. My 7 iron carries 170-175 when I hit it straight. My problem is that whenever I take a full swing I get a big towering draw or hook. Could this shaft be too weak of flex for me?

Thanks in advance!!

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The shaft flex could certainly lead to these type of inconsistencies.  You do carry your 7 iron a far distance, which would lead me to believe that you have faster than normal club head speed and may want to consider an X100.  This is something a Club Fitter would be able to analyze in person.  Below are a list of two Advanced Fitting Centers near you, that would be great options to determine to correct flex needed in your irons: 

Atlanta Athletic Club

Advanced Fitting Center What is this?

JOHNS CREEK, GA 30097-2402 (48.0 miles)

Capital City Club

Advanced Fitting Center What is this?

ATLANTA, GA 30319-1101 (54.9 miles)



Adam B

I have same irons and hit same distance with my 7 iron. Unfortunately I have the same problem when I hit a bad shot... High hook. Just purchased this set of AP1's 6 months ago and. Already want to go get a custom set of forged titleist irons. 

Adam B

Can u find any club hitters near me please. I think sea island or Jacksonville is closest. Hoping you may know another.