regular grip versus midsize grip

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what are your thoughts on going to a midsize to stop with a big draw to a slight fade?? is it true a midsize can take some of the wrist action out?


Absolutely.  The mid size will loosen the grip, thus preventing the turnover.  Other option Is for extra wraps on a normal grip under the bottom hand if this is where the pressure is being created.  Regrip your "go to" iron which you are most consistent with, and play  with the options.  You'll be able to work it out with one or two changes and less than 20 bucks or so.  


Hey great suggestion on the extra wraps under the bottom hand as much as I tinker I never thought of that I will put the midsole on with a few extra wraps under the bottom hand to take the taper out even more. What are your thoughts on the Winn lite firm midsize? I am looking at this grip due to the weight to regain a heavier swing weight as this grips is only 28-30 grams. I cut my 909D2 down to 44.5 with a stock matrix ozik 6 shaft 

Don O

I went with the Winn Lite Dri-Tac Mid-size wrap on driver.  In my case, it enhances my turnover since I can hold the driver with less grip tightening.  It has actually narrowed my spray pattern.  The hard part is deciding how may more clubs to try.

Lou G

I have Winn Excel RF midsize on my 910F 19* and 910H 21 and 27 (this is 43g) because these are -1/2".

I have a 2007 Burner HT driver with the Winn Lite Dri Tac oversize because I have the shaft cut down to 44.5".

They do quiet your wrist action down.  I went to larger grips on the woods and hybrids about 4 years ago because I tended to pull my shots.