Complete titleist club fitting (driver-putter)

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Jason Edwards

Where would be the closest place to get fit for a complete set of Titleist clubs? I live in Salmon, Idaho a very remote small town right on the Montana border. Thanks

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


 I spoke with our Titleist Sales Rep who works in that area.  He gave me a few suggestions to pass along to you.  One Fitting Center would be in the Idaho Falls area, but they aren't outdoor facilities, so this may only apply in the Spring when they re-open their range.  The second suggestion was to travel to Shadow Valley in Boise (info below).  That is where our local Tech Rep works out of and has a covered fitting area that will allow fittings this time of year.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

Shadow Valley Golf Course

Contact: TJ Gomez

BOISE, ID 83714 (7.3 miles)



Jason Edwards

Thank You, I am actually going to Boise next week. I really appreciate it.