Did I choose the right shaft 913 d2 - bassara w 50

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Yoon A

I went to the local golf shop and picked up a 913 d2 with a bassara w50 regular shaft.  My swing speed is about 90-95mph and I currently have the setting to A2 with a 9.5 degree.  I'm upgrading from a 9.5 regular shaft TM burner(original) with a fujikara reax 50gram shaft.  Even with the closed face setting I'm seeing my shots fade a bit and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my shaft choice.   When comparing to the burner - I tend to generate a slight draw when testing out at the range. Thanks in advance!

Joe B

Your driver in the A2 position is not a closed face.  It is upright in the lie angle which will promote a slight draw.  You might want to try C3 to get the ball flight you are looking for.

Don O

Did you try the Diamana S+ or Diamana D+?  The Bassara has a higher torque and may be too high for your speed.  Hopefully you weren't fit for that.

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi  The original Burner had a closed face.  You might want to try D3 to see if that helps.