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Dennis L

Hey guys, got another question for y'all.  I've got SM4 54.11 and 60.07 wedges both with the DG S200 stock shaft.  I have a really hard time keeping them down in the wind, however, and was wondering if the strength of the shaft had anything to do with that.  I play KBS C-Taper S+ shafts in all of my irons which seem to be considerably more stout than my wedge shafts.  Would going to a stronger shaft in the wedges help me any keeping the ball low?  And if so, does anyone have a recommendation based on my iron shafts?  Thanks for the help, Dennis

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David Browning

It all depends. Perhaps you could hard step an S-300 and get the results you want. Maybe an S-400 would be better. Also, not having the correct lie angle could have something to do with your troubles as well.