Swing Weight 712MB

Hi,  Just to answer a couple of questions in this forum - the standard swingweight listed for irons is D2 with a standard shaft, which in the case of MB, CB and AP2 irons is a Dynamic Gold S300 shaft, at standard length with a standard grip.  Any change to these specs will change the swingweight unless requested.  We do have capability of building to different swingweights within a certain tolerance. 

KBS shafts are a single wall shaft and they are balanced differently than a Dynamic Gold shaft.  The weight of the KBS shaft is higher towards your hands.    What that means is that at standard length and grip, the KBS shaft will build at 2 swingweights light +/- 1 swingweight.  The reason we don't automatically change your swingweight is that we don't know if you are a player that prefers a D2 swingweight or a player that prefers a lighter swingweight, so we will build that set with KBS shafts at the (standard build) D0 swingweight.  If you were fit with the KBS shaft and you liked the feel of the shaft with the fitting head, that swingweight was probaby a D0.  If you know that you prefer a heavier swingweight, you can make that request when placing your order and we can build it up to D2 with heavier heads.   Keep in mind that when we add weight to the tip to add swingweight, not only will your swingweight be higher, but the overall weight will be heavier.  So the trade off is a lower overall weight with a lighter swingweight or a heavier overall weight with a heavier swingweight. 

As far as rebuilding a set to swingweight heavier, that will depend on the heads that were used.  You can set up a swingweight check and reweight through your local pro shop and we will do the best that we can with your heads. 

Do you know what the "standard" swingweight for a set of 712mb's with dg tour issue x100's @ standard length with multi compound whiteout grips would be?