Regional Fitting

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Spencer B

How much is a regional fitting cost? 

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


They will vary per Regional Fitting Center.  Do you know what Regional Fitting Center you would be possibly visiting?



Spencer B

I think it would be the one in was it Sea Island? I know it is the one in Georgia.

Spencer B

Even if you can not give an exact price, what would be a estimate?

Nick J

The one Im going to is $100 per woods, irons, wedges or putter.   Or $300 for the whole bag. 

Spencer B

So only 300 for the fitting plus the cost of clubs?

Brandon G

That is very cheap! it was 150 just for the Driver fitting at Sleepy Hollow in New York at the regional fitting center there and a whole bag fitting was like 750 to 800 bucks and did not even go towards the purchase of equipment! i did not go through with it!

Nick J

correct $300.00 plus whatever you purchase.