Change in stiffness when extending Project X shaft.

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Matthew C

I plan to purchase a set of AP2's but I am debating the best shaft. I am trying to decide between the TT Dymanic Gold S300 and the Project X 6.0.  My 6 iron swing speed was measured around 90-95 mph...Consistently around 94 mph.

I'm leaning toward the Project X 6.0 becuae I want to reducce my spin.

My specs are 2 degrees upright and +0,5"...Will the extension change the stiffness of either shaft in any way?

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The extension of .5" will not change the stiffness. It will change the swing weight. Both shafts are good for reducing spin. The DG is a little heavier than the Project X. You have very good club speed,so you can handle the weight. My suggestion would be to try both shafts before making a decision.

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