Multicompound Grip and Surefit

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Chet S

I finally got myself some 910 woods/hybrids. I'm getting myself dialed in after a few trips to the range. I play sharpro multicompound grips (like golf pride multicompound) and one problem I'm having is as I adjust my grip gets all jacked up. This also makes it much more difficult to figure out where the club is supposed to start at address too.


I tried aligning the line on the grip to the dot on the shaft, but for example when I did this on C-2 the club looked like it was shut enough for a 50 yard draw.


I have looked around for an answer to this and wasn't able to find anything. If there is a post about this elsewhere can you please point me to it? If not, can you please explain the best way to set these grips up? I now have 3 clubs to adjust and I also got my dad a 3-wood for Christmas and he will likely need to do the same thing.


Thank you in advance for your time.



Chris S

Normally adjustable shafts come with a 360 style grip like a golf pride tour velvet360. Use a grip like this to get your surfeit hosel  settings where you need them, C2 for example, then have the grip of your choice installed there.