Heading to Sea Island for a full club fitting

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Robert C

Going down to Sea Island to try out the full fitting with Curtis, really excited to work with true professionals.

Anyone else have the pleasure of this experience?  What were your main takeaways, any drastic difference from what you were expecting?

Keeping an open mind...

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

You will have an awesome time! 

Donald S

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You will have an awesome time! 

Thomas W

Would love to hear your  thoughts on the Sea Island fitting process

Manuel M

Hey Robert,

Im extremely excited for you and hope this experience is all your expecting it to be. Please post any photos, videos, and share your entire experience with us on Team Titleist. I would love to experience a professional fitting and get the best out of it. Have a blast and enjoy bud. Team Titleist for life.

Respectfully, Manny M.

Kevin H

Just called them this afternoon myself to inquire.  I am also curious as to your experience as I would like to get properly fitted for a new 913 D2 as well as fairway wood and hybrid...Good Luck and happy hitting

andy r

Sounds like a great trip, I am sure you will enjoy yourself down there. Heck maybe you will get lucky and run into some members of the "Sea Island mafia" while down there.