Help me with my choice of shaft

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I am a +1 golfer. Hitting my 7-iron avg. 169 yards (in carry) with an avg. club head speed of 95 mph.

I was told to go with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 because we wanted a bit lower launch and it gave me a more stable flight. I am playing with 712MB and CB.

But what do you guys think? Is the guidance correct?



Titleist fitter or some experience guy out there?

Matt K

that sounds correct. If you are looking for shaft that gives you lower and more stable shaft the x100 is the way to go. If you find that the shaft is giving you to low of a ball flight then i would try the dynamic gold s300 or s400

james o

that advice sounds good to me, my stats are pretty similar and when I was fit, x100 was the recomendation as well.


Nice, thank you guys!

I tried the Project X 6.5 (not flighted) but the feel was not the same. The X100 was a bit heavier as well, and I liked that.

So I guess I was told the correct thing. Cool :)