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lance y

I'm getting the 913 d3 I want to get a heavy shaft to help me feel the club a little more and hopefully control the swing a little. The problem I'm finding is some of the heavier shafts feel like your swinging a board. Can I get some suggestions for a heavier shaft where I will still feel the head at the top of the swing.

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There are several shafts that may work but you really need to get on a launch monitor to see how they effect your ball flight and spin.

The shafts in the 80 gram category that I have had a lot of success are:

1. Graphite Design Tour AD DI8

2. Project X

3. Diamana Kaili S+

Another option is to change the bezel weight to optimize feel. This might be a better option than sacrificing performance with a heavier shaft.

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lance y

what if you don't have anyone in your area? ts very frusterating I've really wanted that GD tour ad however i think its quite an upcharge.

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Hi Lance,  Where are you located?