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Nicolas M

I'm playing the 910F with Oban Kyoshi 75-04 and would like to use the same shaft in a 913, is it possible to send the shaft back to Titleist and get the new sure-fit installed?thanks

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


Yes, this is an option.  Please take it to your local authorized Titleist retailer and they can send it into our Repairs Department.



bobby p

Have a 913 d2 head, looking for a shaft, swing speed of 100, play a fade would like to straighten it out, and I hit the ball low, want some more height, the head is a 10.5. Any suggestions on a shaft.

Ron M.

Bobby....I use a RIP60 -S at 104ss....I can't seem to fade the ball unless I open my stance and face....I never had this flight until I picked up this shaft....Its a 10.5 that I set at A1 and love the height of the flight...You should find a fitter and try different shafts just to be sure you find the right 1...Also height can be caused be other factors(AOA,ball tee height...ball position) so look at all to improve height...Good luck Ron


Bobby, I have a Pro Force V2 shaft and it works great for my D2 10.5 model.  Ball gets good height but not too high.