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910D3 vs 910D2 vs 913D2, spin rates

Mike M


Is is true that the 910 D3 and D2 will have different spin rates with the same shaft? Is it true that the 913 D3 and D2 have the same spin rates? Does the 910D2 and 913D2 have the same or different spin rates?

I was fitted about a year ago and got a 910D3 8.5 with ahina 72 X flex shaft (Fitting #s:310-332yrds/2600-2800spin/111-116headspeed). I was told I at that fitting that the spin rate would be to high for me with the 910D2 so I went with the 910D3, even though I wanted a bit more forgiveness over workability, but I did also like the look of the smaller D3 better.

But over the past year I find my misses to be really bad with the D3 and so I have been having dispersion/accuracy issues with the D3. Distance is good though. Very frustrating. I would like to keep the distance but gain accuracy and forgiveness.

So today I demoed the 913D2 8.5 with the 72 S flex (they did not have an X), looking for more accuracy/forgiveness. I found the D2 to be more accurate/consistent for me. My worst miss hit on 10 balls was 18yrds off center and 310yrds, my best was 2yrds off center and 337yrds. (2700-2900 spin rates, 116-119headspeed).

So my real question is, Should I replace my 910D3 with a 910D2 head or will that have issues with spin (no shops have an old 910d2 to demo)? I know the 913d2 worked great, just seeing if the head swap of 910s would be a cheaper/ok option. I'm assuming I should keep the x over the s flex shaft as well, is that right?


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    If you have more confidence in the D2 head, the 913D2 would be better than the 910 D2 because it spins less and is more forgiving.  Your shaft from your 910 will fit into the 913 so you could demo the 913D2 8.5 with your X flex shaft.  The 910 D2 will spin more than the 913 D2 and will be easier to turn over right to left (as a RH)

  2. Mike M

    Thanks!!! Exactly the info I was looking for!

    I actually like the D3 head looks better, but the shot consistency/accuracy/dispersion was better with the 913D2 than the 910D3. Should I try the 913D3 or just go with the 913D2 and check shaft change numbers?

    For me I found the 910D3 to have too much workability compared to my old drivers and my 909 3wood. I do like to work the ball a little, will I still be able to do that with the 913D2, some workability with more forgiveness and same distance?

    Thanks again!

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